What do other people say?

« I really want to thank Dra Suzanne for each one of our sessions. I am convinced that our sessions had a huge impact on me and my healing process. She taught my nervous system how to calm down and come back to a calmer state of being which allowed me to handle better stressful situations and the unknown. Each time she welcomed me with such compassion and understanding. And not only she is focused on making the best of each one of her sessions but she is always concerned and curious to find ways to help us beyond the sessions by providing tricks and tips to help us with our own issues. During and after each one of the sessions I felt such peace that stayed with me for days and even weeks, making peace a new way of being. Thank you Dra Suzanne for helping me to get back in touch with – and by consequences making me to rediscover – my natural state of being. ~ Lindsay »

“Sacrocranial therapy has helped and supported me through an extremely challenging time of grief and loss helping me on the way with other issues such as inflammation. It is an incredible opportunity to heal respecting the body’s needs in the moment with care and presence. Dra. Suzanne is a compassionate, extremely gifted and dedicated therapist. I truly recommend and hope others benefit as much as I have.” ~ Marina

“Ever since I gave birth to my second child I developed PMS. During the 5 days before my period, I would be an emotional mess and my whole family would suffer because of me. After a few sessions with Dra Suzanne this disappeared, I couldn’t believe it!” ~ Daniella

“I have used osteopaths and chiropractors many times before and was happy with the results. However, Suzanne is fantastic. I have been going to her for about 5 weeks now, (following 2 brain surgeries) and her treatments have been very effective and beneficial from the start. She is extremely gentle (no extreme manipulation and cracking of joints and limbs) but somehow intense, working on your systems at deep level. She works at a completely different level than anyone I have used before and I cannot recommend her enough!” ~ Mia

“I was desperate. I had debilitating back pain; medical doctors, chiropractic, acupuncture,… it all didn’t help a thing. After starting treatments with Dra Suzanne slowly things started to change, now I have a pain level with which I can function, I have my life back.” ~ David

“I broke my ankle 6 months ago, I followed physiotherapy and regained function, the pain, however, did not resolve. Being 80 years old I started to accept it would stay forever as there was no medical explanation for the pain. Dra Suzanne explained to me differently and spoke about flexibility and functional patterns in the bone tissue itself. Based on this knowledge she treated my ankle, after only one session I was 75% better! I’m looking forward to my next session.” ~ Guilherme

“After recovering from a stroke 4 years ago I was left with less body balance and low capacity of concentration when meeting up with friends I had to excuse myself after an hour or two as it became too much for me. I made an appointment with Dra Suzanne for back pain. She checked my whole body and started treating me where the body needed it most, in my case, this was not the back. I was surprised to notice changes in my energy levels, my concentration, and my memory! I feel a lot more vital now, also my body balance has improved a lot, I feel much more confident standing on my feet, learning Portuguese is easier (my Portuguese teacher compliments me a lot with the progress I suddenly started to make) and it is much easier to engage in social situations. The back pain also got solved in the course of treatments, but most important; my quality of life is so much better than before!” ~ Anton

“I have always had instable ankles, I can feel the instability and the doctors told me the ligaments were gone. I visited Dra Suzanne for headaches and some occasional low back pain. She checked my whole body and found my ankles needed treatment too. The headaches and the lower back pain were treated well but results for my ankles were amazing, they are so much more stable!” ~ Anna

“Since moving to Portugal I have a lot of anxiety and I am easily emotionally overwhelmed. When I have a treatment with Dra Suzanne she returns the balance in my body and my nervous system. After a treatment, I leave feeling centered, calm and in contact with myself. The sessions have helped me tremendously in dealing with the emotional stuff I had to deal with.” ~ Clara

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