Craniosacral therapy (Online)

How can craniosacral therapy work online? When I, as a client, am not physically present?

Craniosacral therapy focusses on natural rhythms and on the nervous system. In fact, the nervous system forms the bridge between the physical body and the energetic body (your light body with the aura field and chakra’s). The rhythms can be felt physically but are energetic in nature. Therefore the nervous system can be influenced via a physical approach “hands-on” or through an energetic approach “touch-free”.

How can that work?

The short answer is “quantum physics”

We are all connected through an energy field, the quantum field, which connects us all. Energy is not bound either by time or space. In the energy field, time and distance do not exist. Everything and everyone is connected with everything and everyone.

The field exists around you, inside you, and expresses itself through you. Most of us simply have not been made aware of this. It is the story of “Fish do not know what water is”.

Everything and every being on this earth has a vibration and a frequency. Nothing on this earth plane exists or can exist without having a frequency and a vibration.

And Tesla already spoke about this more than a hundred years ago:

“All things have a frequency and vibration.” ~ Tesla

Native tribes have always been aware of their connection with the energy field. (This helps the aboriginals survive in the dry interior of Australia for example, and find water).

Einstein studied phenomena in the quantum field like quantum entanglement and initially named it “spooky action at a distance”. (Because, let’s call a cat a cat, if you have never experienced it before, it does sound a little bit spooky!)

The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto studied the influence of thoughts and vibration on water. He found it changes the pattern of the water crystal. Human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. The human body consists of 70% water!

The session works because the therapist tunes in to and connects with this energy field. The client will experience the connection as well.

Sometimes people ask if they have to believe in this work to feel the effect. The answer is “no, you don’t have to believe in it.” You should only believe the things you experience yourself. The only thing that is necessary is to allow the experience to take place, be open, and be curious.

What do you do during a session?

After previously booking an appointment we meet online through Skype or Zoom. If no other option is available we can use WhatsApp as well. It is best to use a headphone or earphones.

You make yourself comfortable in a calm place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. I advise you to lay down or remain half seated with your head supported. If you prefer you can stay seated as well.

We talk about the reason for your appointment and the expectations you may have.

Once the treatment starts it is advised to close your eyes. I guide you into a relaxed state and help you to connect deeper with your body. We keep verbal contact during the whole session. I tell you when I make contact with your energy field and I name where I put my focus. At times I will ask you how you feel. At any time you can let me know how you are doing or ask for clarification.

My experience with touch-free CST (so far!)

For those of you who know me for a while… how did I get into online treatments?

Well, it wasn’t so long ago…

…confronted with a new and uncertain reality in which terms like quarantine and curfew escaped the movie theatre, I asked myself; “How can I turn a hands-on profession into a covid-safe profession?”…

Together with a colleague in San Francisco, a colleague in Minnesota, and myself here in Portugal we started brainstorming, and most of all, we started to experiment (online, of course!)… and we were amazed! Immediately from the first trials onwards, we started to experience changes both physical and emotional. Over the weeks as we kept practicing stress levels balanced, anxieties got under control, a neck issue improved, headache diminished, a hip and pelvis got balanced out and we gained mental clarity and focus.

I was amazed I could perceive as much subtle information from the body during an online touch-free session as while working hands-on. And sometimes even more!

New treatment possibilities opened up for us and after several months of exploring, discussing our research, fine-tuning the technique, and treating a group of volunteers, I started offering sessions online. I have loved this way of working ever since!

Experiences from clients

I love the fact that I can stay at home for treatment. I can just relax after a session instead of dealing with traffic. Even more, because the effect of a session is just as good as when I used to go to her clinic. ~Ann

I had an online session with Suzanne about a week ago and it felt just amazing! I literally felt my energy moving around the body and she was so caring and professional! She was telling me throughout what she was doing and where on the body she was healing which felt so safe and calming. ~Carolina

Everything she was sharing I could just feel it and the feedback was amazing! It’s incredible her attention and focuses on what she is doing and her passion to go further and really heal where she saw pain. By the end, all she said made perfect sense to me and within the next day, I felt much lighter and calm! She definitely took some stress away and lifted me up! Super grateful for you Suzanne! Thank you so much for your commitment to healing, helping other people to feel better, and giving clarity on the main congested energy points in the body that they cannot see! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much! 🙏 ~Carolina

I was very doubtful about the online session and I don’t consider myself a spiritual person. Suzanne convinced me to try it anyway without commitment and it completely won me over. Don’t ask me how it is possible but is my headache was gone after a few sessions! ~Maria

I had two online sessions with Suzanne that were truly fantastic. Not only is she very sensitive to listening, but her technique is wonderful. The results? Less pain and stress and ultimately better well-being overall. I highly recommend her therapy! ~Debora

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